Privacy Policy

Locksmiths 365 has total respect for your privacy and goes beyond legislative standards in doing so.

In contacting us you are voluntarily giving us information in varying degrees for a specific purpose. It might be as simple as an email seeking a quote, or it could be to have an urgent job done. We do not ask for any information that is not needed for your purpose, and whatever information you do supply us is treated in strictest confidence.

You can be certain that Locksmiths 365 will not transfer your information, either personal or business, to any other party unless that information is reasonably required by a third party to complete any business being conducted. Even then, it would only be with your knowledge and consent, as in the case of a courier being arranged to deliver goods purchased.

Another instance is eftpos transactions. They are a part of everyday life and we process those payments electronically, whenever possible in your presence. We do not store your card details, and in doing so  guarantee there is no risk of fraud or any other harm to you on our part. Telephone eftpos payments are processed at the time of your call without the card data being recorded in any form by us.

Your privacy extends to emails, phone calls or any other communication with Locksmiths 365 in that any information you supply is used solely for the purpose of responding to you, returning a quote, completing a job or any other legitimate business reason. Clearly, for the most part we need your name, address, phone number, perhaps email address and other information to complete a job to your satisfaction. None of that information goes any further, and we do not annoy you with systematic promotional emails or any other unnecessary communication in the future.

Your information contained in invoices, receipts, quotes, phone records, faxes and any other source is protected securely for the same reason.

The only unlikely exception we see to this policy would be that of an overriding law demanding our disclosure of specific information.

Should you ever have any questions or concerns not mentioned here, please contact us so that we can do whatever is required to ensure your absolute satisfaction regarding your privacy.