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At Locksmiths 365 we continue to provide the best and most up-to-date security advice and solutions for residential and commercial security. We also have a current Queensland security license and insurance.

A mixture of 20 years practical experience and a common sense approach in every respect guarantee we can give you the right security solution at an affordable cost. Again, advice or a quote won’t cost you anything.

Locks themselves, due to simple necessity, must be given a lot of thought with residential as well as commercial security. Alarms and other security elements play a proven role, but in reality, we don’t want thieves inside the door in the first place. If the whole issue could be summarised, it would be fair to say that you want to make a criminal’s task at least as difficult as possible, if not totally out of bounds when it comes to your property. Anything that can delay a thief or create the likelihood of detection increases your security considerably.

That is why your locks should be appropriate and secure for their purpose. An example of a secure lock for either home or business use is the Lockwood 001 deadlatch. If fitted correctly to strong and solid exterior doors these locks are very resistant to unwanted entry. There is now an electronic version known as Lockwood 001 Touch with the most obvious difference to the original version being the outside keypad and Mifare card reader combined for keyless access.

Outside Inside Touch

Another locksmiths’ favourite is the Lockwood 929 escape leverset, again being secure on home and commercial doors alike. These are solid and reliable locks with the advantage of a 2 hour fire rating for commercial use.

Lockwood 929 lever Carbine commercial grade lever

We find a persistent concern from some homeowners is their uncertainty of how secure their sliding doors are. If you feel the same for any reason, a sure-fire solution is the addition of a patio bolt inside the door. They are key lockable for insurance compliance, but above all they are an extremely strong addition to the standard lock already on the door. It is a relatively inexpensive solution if you suspect a sliding door might be susceptible to forced entry.

 Patio bolt

Even with commercial security, your budget can be contained with the choice of locks available while still meeting Australian building and fire codes. Remember that locks and associated hardware chosen for commercial or industrial use have to be above residential grade lock standards. The cheaper ones will neither be fire rated nor stand up to the wear and tear experienced in normal  commercial premises.

Shop and other commercial tenants, in both new and established buildings, often have additional barriers in the form of locking bolts installed. These are some of the more common locks used to add greater strength to commercial sliding or hinged doors. They are a most effective secondary means of securing a door.

The addition of a latchguard is helpful for some commercial or industrial doors, particularly if the door is hidden or poorly lit at night. They are plates designed to protect the door’s latching point from attack.

Locking bolts used on commercial sliding or hinged glass doors  Latchguard

CCTV is becoming more useful in its ability to identify individuals involved in property theft and it is possible to gather clear images that can be given to police for investigation and prosecution. Again, we are pleased to advise you with information such as the best position for cameras, how many, hard drive capacity and anything else tailored to your need.

An access control system offers the ultimate in electronic control over when and to whom access is granted. In this illustration a card passes the reader which transmits the data to a control panel for authorisation, followed by the door being unlatched briefly for entry. Some have a biometric reader for fingerprint data and others have a keypad for code data to achieve the same result.

CCTV camera Card and Reader

In some circumstances a standalone electronic lock is preferred for practical reasons. Long established manufacturers including Kaba and Borg have such locks suitable for hotels, motels and other businesses or institutions. Being battery powered, the reader is built into the lock body, and card, biometric or code operation is the same. Of course, the less expensive locks cannot be integrated with security alarms, fire alarms or other systems.

A restricted key system is a form of access control, albeit entirely mechanical and without providing any record of users, times and other data that an electronic system can retrieve. It is still however a good means of restricting access to only those authorised because the keys themselves cannot be copied without your written permission, and only from your locksmith who supplied them originally. They are often master keyed (different key ranks) in larger premises for additional control. A simple example would be a motel manager and housekeeping having a master key to access to all rooms, with each guest having a lower level key to access only to the room being occupied overnight. Every key can be tracked with its unique identification.

Restricted keys